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Clinical Cell Analysis

Revealing the actual status of several diseases requires studying cell by cell and analyzing particle by particle in an out most consistent and accurate way, measuring millions of events, operating advanced electronics & fluidics, aligning powerful laser emitting sources. That is what we offer with our Integrated Flow Cytometry Solutions. Investigate further...

TheHPVOncoTect® E6, E7 mRNA Kit is a unique detection method that measures both the number of transforming cells and the quantity of E6, E7 mRNA in each cell. These two measurements precisely assess the overexpression of E6, E7 mRNA in routine patient samples collected in ThinPrep ® and Surepath® vials to further refine accuracy and specificity of HPV testing.
HPV OncoTect® E6, E7 mRNA Kit - IncellDX
The Flow CAST® is intended for the determination of basophil activation in patient whole blood samples by flow cytometry. Our unique marker combination – CCR3 and CD63 – combines the simple gating properties for basophil detection by CCR3 with the solid application of the proven activation marker CD63 in one. Thanks to its easy protocol and smart marker combination the first results can be obtained within one hour – perfect conditions for routine laboratories.
Flow CAST® - Buhlmann
Cell separation is the process to enrich a specific cell population such as CD3 positive Lymphocytes, CD14 positive Monocytes or CD19 positive B-Cell directly out of whole blood you have the option to use positive or negative (depletion) selection. Actually both isolation methods are antibody based. The antibodies recognize antigens (receptors) that the cells express on the surface. To support the enrichment the antibody can be coupled for example to other antibodies, fluorescent dyes or a solid phase.pluriSelect offers products for positive isolation with the pluriBead system and negative isolation and depletion with pluriSpin system. Both technologies are without any magnetic beads.
Cell Separation - PluriSelect