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Isothermal Amplification

New Line of Products

Isothermal amplification is a comparatively new and innovative molecular diagnostic technology. Similar to real-time PCR, generation of measuring signals occurs during or directly after a cycling process. Amplification can be detected either by visible fluorescence or measurement of turbidity.

In cooperation with Eiken Chemicals Ltd. HUMAN distributes in a worldwide exclusive* manner innovative testing systems to screen for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex (MTBC), Malaria Pan and Malaria Pan/Pf. The patented technology used is called "Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LoopampTM)".

The entire workflow consists only of three major steps: 

  1. Fast isolation of DNA with the PURE (Pure Ultra Rapid Extraction) or boil & spin method
  2. LAMP reaction
  3. Detection of target DNA either visually or by means of a turbidimeter

* Excluding Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and China

LoopampTM technology

The routine application of LoopampTM assays is facilitated by dedicated instrumentation: HumaLoop and HumTurb system. Each of these instrument solutions is adapted to specific customer needs enabling fast, highly sensitive and specific pathogen detection as well as secure result analysis.

Advantages of LoopampTM

  • Very easy to perform, robust and cost-effective
  • Direct result reading
  • Similar sensitivity but higher specificity compared to PCR methods
  • Short turnaround time in < 1 hour