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P. Zafiropoulos S.A. in collaboration with Vitro Group and Master Diagnóstica proudly presents the fully automated MD STAINER platform that delivers unbeatable results in quality, reproducibility and consistency in the most demanding pathology assay determinations, that is, all your IHC, CISH and FISH tests.
You can now optimize and increase your routine's throughput using the Master Diagnóstica ultrasensitive IHC detection systems based on micropolymer technology, and choose among a wide pannel of primary antibodies and immunohistochemistry reagents, optimized for in vitro diagnostic use on paraffin tissue.
Focused on providing quality and innovative antibodies for in-vitro diagnostic use.



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Discover Vitropath



"VitroPath is an integrated system for the management of the Pathological Anatomy service. It is the result of the improvement of the management of the laboratory processes, after a long collaboration between our company and the pathologists and other users of pathological anatomy. We have used the experience we have gained during the last fifteen years of constant improvement of the product, and we have combined it with the functionalities that enjoy with the latest technologies, to create a product prepared for the future computer trends of Pathology" Master Diagnóstica