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In P. Zafiropoulos S.A. we work with a clear vision on novel therapeutic challenges !


Metallography & Petrography

Buehler is a pioneer in the field of Metallography and in the study of microstructure of materials, produces equipment and consumables used in research and industry.
The preparation of metallographic and petrographic specimens involves a series of processes, by using suitable equipment and consumable materials, to render specimens suitable for microscopic examination.
Our Group of Companies started out in 1983 catering, primarily, to the health care industry as well as to scientific, industrial and research laboratories. The major branch of our health care sector is diagnostic reagents in which we have accumulated experience of several decades, in supporting health care professionals and scientific laboratories.
Our primary aim is the continuous monitoring and thorough familiarity of our management and staff with technological developments and applications in our chosen fields. Our staff, all scientists in the fields of biomedical engineering, biology, chemistry, psychology and other scientific disciplines, are always available, to provide exacting customer support.
For more than 25 years we produce a range of CE-IVD Clinical Chemistry reagent kits which we distribute in Greece and EU. We represent prestigious international firms, in our chosen fields of activity, with which we maintain long-term cooperation. Through our facilities in the Athens area (Alimos and Koropi) and in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) we provide customer support in the entire territory of Greece and in certain neighboring countries.
Our Groups R&D activities in Molecular Analysis and Flowcytometry are recognized with a leading position amongst the most innovative biotechnology SMEs in Greece. Our Team can be your Partner in various critical processes - from experimental design and prototype assay development to the clinical validation of  diagnostic platforms - and - from the investigation of novel biomarkers to the contract manufacturing of IVD reagents.

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