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Molecular Blood Group Diagnostics


Molecular typing of blood group antigens

Serological methods reach their limits when it comes to the determination of rare blood group characteristics. Therefore, it is difficult to identify blood donors with rare blood types who are needed for patients with pre-formed antibodies. Molecular blood group typing enables a safe on-demand supply of blood preservations for patients with antibodies against clinical relevant, weak or rare blood group antigens. The molecular determination of rare antigens can be applied on-demand and to pre-typing of blood donors. Pre-typing of blood donors has the advantages to increase the patient´s safety and to reduce your effort and your costs. In addition, due to its molecular based technology it makes you independent of antisera for rare antigens which are often difficult to obtain and suboptimal in quality.

Blood Group Serology

Definite determination of attributes of the blood group systems is of decisive importance in avoiding events due to administering the wrong blood preserves or immunisations. BAG Health Care GmbH has manufactured high quality liquid reagents for blood group testing since more than fifty years. The wide product range comprises monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal, Coombs-reactive antisera.


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