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Autoimmune DX Product Portfolio

Since early 90’s our Group has been amongst the pioneers that embarked on the challenging and exciting journey of offering an exquisite number of biomarkers that help us to understand autoimmunity; training scientists in Greece and abroad on how to implement multiparametric assays that support differential diagnosis of complex degenerative syndromes and systemic disorders of the human immunological response. 
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The increased awareness and interest in the complement system has augmented the need for a simple and objective method to assess the function of complement activity. With the Euro Diagnostica complement assay solution (previously known as WIELISA) a complete picture of the complement function is provided.
Complement system - WIESLAB®
Line immuno assays (LIA) are ideal autoimmune diagnostic tools for screening and differential diagnosis as well as monitoring autoimmune patients by identifying specific autoantibodies on a single strip. HUMAN's autoimmune LIAs are developed for straight forward autoantibody profiling. LIAs are easy- to-use screening assays, employing disease-specific antigens. Up to 17 different autoantibodies can be differentiated with a single assay strip.
Line immuno assays - Human
BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi™ MAG ELISA, our latest development, combines “MAG” and gangliosides on the same microtiter plate. Together with the anti-MAG Autoantibodies ELISA (gold standard) and the new κ/λ Reagent Set as well as the anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA we provide a package of routine friendly and standardized ELISAs (all CE marked IVDs) for the work-up of all common peripheral neuropathies.