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DNA Flow Technology

DNA Flow Technology provides the platform for rapid analyses in membrane-based reverse dot blot hybridization processes. This hybridization platform allows the DNA target molecules cross the membrane and direct the target DNA to the complementary capture probes that are immobilized on and inside the matrix pores.

This approach enables the reaction between the target DNA molecules in a three-dimensional porous environment rather than surface hybridization, allowing the reactions to be completed in seconds. It generates much higher signal intensities in a very short period of time, reducing reagent volumes and total processing time from hours to minutes, which represents an economic alternative for molecular diagnostic.

For more information, please see the following document:  DNA Flow Technology - flyer


Master Diagnóstica offers the following hybridization systems based on the DNA Flow Technology:

  • hybriSpot 24TM: Hybridization system fully automated; 24 samples
  • hybriSpot 12TM: Hybridization system semi-automated; 12 samples

Common features:

  • Based on the DNA Flow Technology 
  • Hybridization method: Reverse dot-blot
  • Supported by hybriSoft (sample management software) 


hybriSpot 24TM

Special features:

  • Automated:
    • Reagent dispenser (robotic arm) 
    • Temperature and time controls
    • Vacuum control 
    • Image-capture
  • Integrated instrument for PCR and hybridization (under development)
  • Two 24-well PCR blocks (under development) 
  • Two 12-sample hybridization chambers (24 samples)
  • Ability to perform two techniques at the same time 
  • Bar-code identification of reagents and samples (strips) 
  • Comprehensive process control by sensors (vacuum; levels; temperature)
  • UV light for DNA decontamination 

hybriSpot 12TM

Special features:

  • Semi-automatic: 
    • Temperature and time controls
  • Maximum 12 samples
  • Programmed buzzer to indicate the end of each step
  • Monitor screen to control temperature and time