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A breakthrough in the early detection of HPV16-induced oropharyngeal cancer.

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Do you want to detect cancer in the oral cavity and oropharyngeal area of your patients at an earlier stage by means of an easy-to-use test?

More and more patients develop HPV16-positive cancer. These tumours are generally detected quite late. However, they respond to therapy much better than HPV-negative tumors. The new better and practicable method for the early detection of oral and oropharyngeal cancer.

Better treatment success thanks to earlier detection.

Often early-stage oropharyngeal cancer is not yet visible and still asymptomatic. Yet, treatment outcomes for early-stage tumours are significantly better than for tumours detected in later stage. If such tumours are HPV16-induced, then antibodies can circulate in the very early stage. These antibodies are DRH1 antibody equivalents and can be detected with Prevo-Check® using a highly specific monoclonal antibody called “anti-HPV16 L1 DRH1”. Early detection can improve your patient’s prognosis. Including Prevo-Check® in your medical services can significantly increase survival compared to that associated with later initial diagnosis.

Easy to use and fast results.

If cancer in the oral cavity and oropharyngeal area is induced by HPV, in particular by HPV16, then it is very likely to be located in the oropharynx. A careful inspection of this area is time-consuming and lesions can be missed. Prevo-Check® offers additional meaningful support. It only requires 1 drop of capillary blood or alternatively 25μL of serum. Prevo-Check® provides results within 20 minutes, which is decisive for the subsequent steps.
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Results with high specificity

Due to its extremely high specificity of 99,5% (or greater), a positive Prevo-Check® result indicates the presence of an HPV16-induced malign cell growth. This means that clinically relevant follow-up examinations can be actioned immediately.
The highly specific antibody clone DRH1 and the capability for early detection of pre-cancer stages implies meaningful time-savings, earlier treatment options with better out-comes and herewith a better prognosis for your patients.
Abviris supplies documentation and further tools that can be used to raise awareness of this important test and to display this special diagnostic service in the doctor’s office.

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