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Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

The Virotech Line Immuno Assays (LINE) are intended for the qualitative detection of pathogen-specific antibodies in human serum. Our continuously extended product range serves for the detection of IgG-, IgM- and IgA-specific antibodies in human serum and can be used in the uniform LINE system. The Borrelia LINEs assays can be used for the detection of specific antibodies in Cerebrospinal Fluid. In this system, the proteins are transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane using a special micro-dispensing method.
ImmunoFLOW is an easy-to-use, visually interpreted, and rapid test. It require no special equipment. ImmunoFLOW is ideal for: • Situations where rapid patient results are important • Small and medium-sized hospitals • Clinics • Group practice office laboratories • Anywhere that instrumentation may be difficult • High humidity environments that may affect lateral flow method results • Areas where refrigeration storage is limited ImmunoFLOW Mycoplasma, detecting the same complement-fixing IgM antibodies measured using GenBio's reference ImmunoWELL tests, is the first ImmunoFLOW product. (Not yet available within the U.S.). ImmunoFLOW Herpes Simplex Virus measure total HSV and HSV type 2 IgG. The ImmunoFLOW platform can simultaneously detect two antigens/analytes, measuring either specific IgM or IgG.
ImmunoFLOW - GenBio
The early diagnosis of infectious diseases is critical for therapy and infection control measures. HUMAN manufactures a broad range of high quality tests, e.g. for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted or mosquito-borne diseases. HUMAN's tests are designed to provide reliable and easy-to-read results within a few moments. Many HUMAN rapid tests allow the use of whole blood and are, therefore, ideally suited for point-of-care testing.
Infectious Diseases - HUMAN