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IBDoc® is the first in-vitro diagnostic home testing device measuring the inflammatory marker fecal calprotectin at home. The CalApp® turns your smartphone into a test cassette reader using state of the art image processing. Stool extraction is performed using the Calex® Valve that is characterized by its simple and convenient handling of stool samples.  The secure connection of CalApp® with IBDoc® Portal allows Health Care Professionals to directly monitor patient results.

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IBDoc® is the first home testing application for fecal calprotectin in IBD patients. Based on BÜHLMANN’s long-lasting experience with calprotectin assays, IBDoc® allows IBD patients for convenient home testing of fecal calprotectin. Calex® Valve has been developed for simple and easy-to-handle stool extraction. The incorporated valve allows the precise application of 60 µl onto the test cassette. The CalApp® smart phone application available in Apple iTunes store and Google Play Store transforms smartphones into a test cassette reader.

Through direct and anonymous connection, test results are transmitted immediately to the patient’s gastroenterologist via IBDoc® Portal, which enables the physician to monitor the disease and act as early as possible in case of remission. BÜHLMANN takes great care that patient information is transmitted and stored in a secure way. The IBDoc® Portal works with online-banking grade data encryption and only a patient’s treating physician has access to medical information.

BÜHLMANN IBDoc® is the first CE-marked home application for measuring the fecal inflammation marker calprotectin and has been developed based on BÜHLMANN’s long lasting experience in calprotectin assays.



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